Footnotes on articles are missing

Retrieving this [We could make our homes easier to decarbonise by using a crazy, sci-fi technology called a "database"]
article, I find that the main article is sent but the footnotes at the end are missing. This has also happened with the previous article on the site and possibly with others that I didn’t notice.

@fivefilters that is a substack site. Isn’t the fingerprinting active at P2K? The site-config for substack should keep the footnotes (though with ugly newlines)

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@HolgerAusB @Alistair, unfortunately they have changed the template for Substack sites so the fingerprint match fails. Will fix soon. And the next version of Full-Text RSS will store the fingerprints in the repo so it will be easier to update.

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Update to say this should be fixed now! Thanks for reporting it.