Firefox version and toolbar icon?

Using FF on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. This is not a complaint; I’m just curious. My version still says 2.6.4 and the toolbar icon still has a beta label on it. When I check for updates, I’m told there are none - even though the FF Add-ons Manager says the current version is 2.6.5. Oddly, the date of last update for both is Feb 18, 2021.

Please note, PTK works just fine.

Hi there, please feel free to ignore the version numbers. We used to maintain a beta extension with Mozilla but they no longer support that, so the only version currently listed with them is the regular extension. Functionally they are the same at the moment, but we test new features on the beta extension, and most of the time these are server-side changes, so the version of the beta extension doesn’t matter in those cases.

When we do update the beta extension itself, we’ll post here and on our Patreon page with information.