Filter for Digits with minimum lenght

When looking into the code of a YouTube rss feed (, you often have the problem that the latest entries are “Premiere”, which means they will be published much later. So the feed reader should receive the entry not before the video has already been published.

Is it possible to remove all entries which have a “views” number between 0 and 999, or in other words: Is it possible to keep those entries with at least 1000 views?

I was thinking of this criterion:
in “media:statistics”, the number must contain 4 digits. When it rises above 4 (10 thousands or higher), then it was already forwarded to the feed reader.

This isn’t possible at the moment. But something we’ll think about for future versions.

At the moment in Feed Creator you are able to filter out items based on the presence/absence of URL segements or text in the item title or description field. So if there’s anything in those fields that mark an item as a “Premiere” item, you might be able to use the existing filter parameters.

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