file now in quotes

For the past couple of days, files delivered via arrive with names in quotes, e.g. “myFile.azw”, requiring them to be renamed before they can be read. Is this change due to something done by Amazon or FiveFilters? It is most annownoying.

Hi Chris, this must be an Amazon issue as we haven’t made any changes to the way files are generated or named. Just to make sure I sent a MOBI file as an attachment to my address manually and experienced the same thing when I clicked on the link Amazon sends me to download the file - in my case I have dashes around the file name, so becomes -test.azw-.

This doesn’t affect how the file appears on my Kindle, however.

Thanks, Keyvan. Unfortunately my DX will not recognize the files until I get rid of the extra characters.


Hi Chris, you might want to try contacting Amazon’s Kindle support about this: