Feeds cannot be read by some feed readers

Hi, I am excitied about Feed Creator. The only issue I have is that the created feeds cannot be read by some feed readers. Adding them to FeedWordpress (based on simplepie) gives an error message. FreshRSS cannot display it either while there are no problems with Feedburner and the desktop app QuiteRSS.

Can you have a look and check what the issue can be and if there are somw workaround? Thanks!

Hi there, we’ve had some reports of this. The best way to check if the feeds we produce are valid is to use the Feed Validator service. All the feeds we produce should pass this test, but if you find any that fail, please let us know and we’ll look into it.

If a feed passes this test, but can’t be read by the application you’re using, the best thing to do is to submit the feed URL to the developers of the application that can’t read it. Include the URL to the Feed Validator results to show that it’s a valid feed. They should then be able to tell you why it’s not working in their application.

From similar reports we’ve had from users, the applications which can’t read our feeds often have bad URL parsing, which prevents them from handling our feed URLs properly. Most feeds have a fairly simple URL structure, without query string parameters, e.g. https://www.example.org/feed/. Our feeds contain a number of request parameters, e.g. http://createfeed.fivefilters.org/extract.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Fchomsky.info%2Farticles%2F&in_id_or_class=main_container. Some applications don’t handle URL request parameters well, even though both the above are valid URL strings.

In some cases, using a URL shortening service to remove the parameters will work. For example, if you take a URL of ours that fails in a particular feed reading application, put it into a service like tinyurl.com and use the short URL it produces instead of our longer one, the feed will begin to work. (Depending on the implementation of the feed reading application.)