Feedly update frequency

I’ve set up a self-hosted instance of Full-Text RSS and have set up a number of feeds on it which I subscribe to with feedly.

However, the feeds from my server seem to update much slower than the original feeds (which I still have in feedly to compare). Some times there are many dozens of items on the original feed and my feed is yet to update.

Has anybody found a way to increase the frequency that feedly will update the feeds from 5F?

Hi Julian, good question. I’m not very familiar with Feedly’s system, but this was also a problem with Google Reader - it would not treat all feeds equally, updating popular ones (feed URLs with many subscribers) more frequently than feeds with fewer subscribers.

Maybe a Feedly user can comment. Ideally you would have some control over how frequently feeds get updated on Feedly.


Do you have any news about this post ?

I noticed too an update difference between my originals feeds and my full text rss feeds (from fiveFilters self-hosted) in my feedly (about 1h or 2).

However, caching si disabled.

Is it possible to set this, so that the original feed and the full text feed are update at the same Time?

Even when I click on the “refresh button” in my feedly to update my full text feed, the feed doesn’t update.




Hi Fabien, no we don’t have any more news unfortunately. But if you want to see if it’s something our end, you can check the feed itself from your self-hosted copy. If that’s showing the latest items, then Feedly is not updating and your question should be directed at them. Sorry we can’t be of more help.

Feedly updates “popular ones (feed URLs with many subscribers) more frequently than feeds with fewer subscribers” as Keyvan already said.
The only way to lower interval of updates is to get Pro (max update speed - every 30 min) or Team (max update speed - every 15 min) account.
It was the answer of Feedly support to me about similar question.