Feed uses dynamic seach request

The government recall site changed their format and broke all my feeds

The rss feeds all use a dynamic query to list their content like the one below

this however throws the filter to draw the following content for every feed item:
Fees and Copying Services
By authority listed in Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 7, there are fees assessed by TIS for this service. We charge a standard labor charge of $50.00 per hour for requests involving computer searches, locating and copying documents. In addition, we charge duplication fees, which are $0.10 per page for paper-based or imaged documents. Some files are only available on microfiche; which means you will receive paper-based copies of microfiche sheets.
Many simple questions can be answered free of charge by calling our toll-free NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236. Among their many services is the capability to provide information on recalls, the status of defect investigations, and referrals to many other Offices and Organizations.
All fields are required unless otherwise noted.

ANy idea?

Looks like they are now loading the actual content of each entry in a separate AJAX request which relies on Javascript. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to access this content with Full-Text RSS.