Feed items all combined into a single item

I’m having some trouble with a couple of specific RSS feeds. The result feed from Full-Text-RSS is messed up and it looks like the entire feed is combined together in a single tag.

The feed items seem to be converted to HTML entities.

Here are some example of feeds having this issue:

I’m not sure if this is a problem with the feeds or with full text rss.

Hi there, the first two source feeds don’t appear to be valid. See:

The third one appears to redirect to https://berlin.fau.org/feed/atom.xml but for some reason Full-Text RSS isn’t getting the redirect. I haven’t looked into it to see why, but if you change the feed URL from https://berlin.fau.org/feed/ to https://berlin.fau.org/feed/atom.xml, it should work:

When Full-Text RSS isn’t able to parse the source URL as a feed, its fallback behaviour is to assume the source points to a HTML web article. It then tries to extract content from that and produce a single-item feed. That will usually always produce bad results if the source URL is still a feed, but a broken one. That’s why you’re getting the results you are.

To control this behaviour, which we really should encourage more, you should always use the accept parameter with Full-Text RSS URLs:

Add &accept=feed to the URL and Full-Text RSS will refuse to produce a feed if the source URL can’t be parsed as a feed. For example, taking your first URL, it would look like this:

If you add this parameter on working feeds, you’ll ensure that if they ever stop producing valid feeds, or if a site redesign causes HTML to be output at the URL that was previously a feed, Full-Text RSS will not produce a result.

You can also use &accept=html for URLs that you know poing to web articles, not feeds.

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