Feed is not working


We are using the full text RSS 3.4 for more than a year. It is working fine. Now we have added the new feed URL feeds.feedburner.com/realclearpolitics/qlMj and it is not working. It is throwing a blank page. Could you help us on what is the problem? But we have checked in the current http://fivefilters.org/content-only/ version it is fetching feeds. So kindly let me know if there is any change needs to be done in the code to fix the issue.

Thanks for your support.

Hi there, could you enable debug mode and create the feed again (it’s a checkbox on the form). You should then see some text showing you what’s happening behind the scenes. Please paste that text here for us so we can take a look.

Hi, Thanks for your quick support. Please see the below output when enable the debug mode.

Let me know what will be the next step.


Hi there,

This site doesn’t seem to publish anything. The URL being processed here from the feed - http://www.realclearpolitics.com/2016/05/24/why_is_clinton_disliked_383280.html - contains no actual content when you open it - just a link pointing to a New York Times article. So it’s not really a surprise that Full-Text RSS can’t find anything to extract.

If you can highlight the problem using a feed that does contain real content, we’d be happy to try and look into it.