Feed Creator + Full Text RSS not loading in Feedly

I am using the self hosted version of Feed Creator and FTR but fortunately I can see the same issue on Fivefilters own hosting as well so I will stick to that.

The following is an RSS feed I created using Feed Creator and then passed through FTR


If you try to add the above link to Feedly, nothing happens. It is like Feedly doesn’t detect it as a feed. But it works if I avoid FTR and directly use the URL to the partial feed created using Feed Creator.

It also works if I take the full feed URL to Google’s FeedBurner and pass the feed through it. But based on Google’s history, I am not sure when they will kill off FeedBurner and so I would prefer a solution that doesn’t depend on it.

And this problem is not restricted to the above feed. This happens to any Feed Creator feed I tried. Basically this is the situation with Feedly.

  1. Feed Creator alone = Working
  2. FeedBurner (FTR + Feed Creator) = Working
  3. FTR + Native feed of site = Working
  4. FTR + Feed Creator = Not Working

Please fix this

Hi there, this sounds like a Feedly problem. Please contact them with the same information you’ve provided here so hopefully they can figure out what’s going on.

If you want to see if there’s something wrong with the feeds we generate, you can test them on RSS Validator: W3C Feed Validation Service, for Atom and RSS

FYI, I find this exact problem on iCloud based RSS apps. OP, did this end up be solved by Feedly?

I didn’t contact Feedly. In the past, I have written to them about other issues and never received a proper response.

We’ve found in the past that sometimes the URLs we generate aren’t handled correctly by different applications. If that’s the issue, you might have luck using a URL shortening service first, e.g. tinyurl.com, and then subscribing to the shortened URL. Might be worth a try.

Our Feed Control application also produces feed URLs without any query string parameters (note, however that Feed Creator and Full-Text RSS currently support more RSS elements, so if you do go that route, you might want to compare the results to make sure it’s suitable for your use case).