[Feature request] RSS2Newletter : caching content and periodical automatic PDF generation then email


Your service is great BUT I’m afraid that for companies wanting to use it for automatic report generating… it’s useless. Nowadays, there’s no service proposing this (AMHO) usefull feature.

RSS caching during one day or (better) on week, then generate PDF, then send the report by mail to registered users.

Thanks in advance to think about it !


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Thanks for the feature request, Serge. We’ll definitely consider this.

Would you be able to incorporate support for right to left languages? If I push an Arabic-language article, it renders the words correctly, but the order is wrong. (eg. “.dog lazy the over jumps fox brown quick The”)

Thanfully it doesn’t jumble the words up - each individual word reads correctly, but the order is strangely wrong… Sounds like a minor tweak, but it’d really help us Arabic readers (and our Hebrew-reading bretheren out there).

Many thanks otherwise - I use the PTK widget every day!

Josh H

Hi Josh, thanks for writing. We would like to support right to left languages, but last time we looked into this we found that there was no way for the Kindle to display texts right to left. We’ll look into it again to see if anything’s changed.

Have you since considered implementing this feature (periodical automated pdf generation and mailing) ?
I’m in a low-bandwidth, high latency environment (satellite internet) and this would enable me to download news at night without being behind the computer and clicking, then waiting 1 or more minutes for each full article to load.
This would definitely be a selling argument.



Unfortunately not. Our focus has been on our other offerings for a while, so I’m not sure when/if we’ll implement this in PDF Newspaper.