Feature request for image

Hello, it’s good to have the Open Graph tag now, but is it possible to add an option in condif/website to add the og:image in an enclosure tag ? (media:thumbnail for example)

Hi there, we could, but we already try to preserve media:thumbnail if they exist. And og:image is also added to the feed as separate element (og:image). Can I ask why it would be useful to have this as a media:thumbnail? Just curious.

I know its an old thread. But i have the same unsolved problem. Feedly doesnt recognize the og:img tag from my 3.5 version.

Your 3.9. live system has also no og tags anymore but images in the description tag.

Example: http://ftr.fivefilters.org/makefulltextfeed.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.freiepresse.de%2Frss%2Frss_vogtland.php&max=3


Hi there, no problem about replying to the old thread.

Do you know what the preference is for Feedly. To have it as an enclosure or does it look somewhere else for the image?

We moved most of the additional meta info we were returning into the JSON output and extract.php endpoint. Happy to look into ways to make the RSS output more useful for feed readers if you have suggestions.

Feedly just took the first image it gets out of then content.

“If the first img in the story has a height and width greater than 450 pixels, that first image will be selected as the featured image. If not, Feedly will try to pick the largest image in the story.”


Maybe just tell me, in which php function the img tag is removed from the content body?
So i would just edit the code for me needings.

Hi, I’m sorry but we don’t support old versions of the software. From what I now understand, the current version of Full-Text RSS does include the images you’re after in its output, and Feedly can presumably pick those up. But your older version of Full-Text RSS (3.5) doesn’t include the images for this particular feed, so Feedly can’t find them either. You might be able to solve the problem by writing a custom site config file for the site to try and get your copy of Full-Text RSS to include the feature images in the feed.