Extraction issue from Zetland.dk

Hi there.
Can you fix extraction from www.Zetland.dk wich only extract a small portion at The moment ?

Thanks in advice

Hi Patrick, does the site have any of its articles free to access or is everything behind a paywall? If there’s a publicly accessible article you can send us a link to, we can see if we can improve extraction for the site.

If you’re a subscriber of the site, and everything’s behind a paywall, you can send us the contents of one of the articles so we examine it and improve extraction that way. If you’d like to do that, let us know and we’ll give you instructions.


It’s behind a paywall and im a subscriber.

Here is a link from The paywall.


Thanks Patrick. This should be fixed now. Let us know if you have any more trouble with articles on the site.

Thank you very much!

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