Extract Images


How could i add a custom rule to extract image urls - let’s say from

and put them in their own element

ps; your forum doesn’t let me put special characters to write my example.


Hi Andy, there’s nothing in Full-Text RSS that lets you extract an image into a different element.

What you can do is to ensure the image is returned in the main content block and then pull it out from there using your own code. If the image is currently not in the content that’s returned, you’ll have to explicitly select it, e.g.:

body: //div[@id='text'] | //div[@id='image-block']

And when writing custom config rules, we recommend adding
prune: no

In a future version of Full-Text RSS we’ll have an option to define a feature image which will be returned in its own element.

Hi Keyvan,

Was the option to define a feature image already available? As of version 3.4, I do not see the option in parameters list (or am I missing?).

Thank you,

Hi Sravan, this feature is not yet available, no.