Extract full description data and send to mobile app

We are creating an rss reader for smartphones. We parse the desired rss feed through Full-Text rss and get the xml feed data with full description. We want to send this entire xml data to our app. Can you please guide us?

Hi there,

I’m not sure I completely I understand. I assume your RSS reader application can already parse existing feeds. If so, then it’s simply a matter of replacing the original feed URL with one which passes through Full-Text RSS. The parsing code should be the same, with the difference that now the description element (or content:encoded element if you’re requesting excerpt + content) will contain the full content rather than the partial content that was in the original feed.

So, for example, let’s say your original partial feed URL is:


In your application, instead of requesting the feed directly, you embed it in the Full-Text RSS URL and request that instead (thus making sure it gets processed by our Full-Text RSS application first):


If your application doesn’t parse feeds, you can leave feed parsing to Full-Text RSS and ask it to return JSON instead of RSS:


Hope that’s some help.