Extract date in another language

I’m trying to use Feed Creator for a French website. The date goes like this :
<li class="DateEventItem-date"><span>Samedi <strong>10 juin 2023</strong> à 11:00</span></li>
So I’m guessing .DateEventItem-date span strong for the date selector but I don’t know how to make the tool recognize the month in French (d M Y doesn’t seem to cut it). Is this even possible with Feed Creator?


Please give us an example URL. That makes it easier to test.

maybe you start your selector with li :wink:
li.DateEventItem-date span strong

City Hall website:

unfortunately, you where right.

You are gathering a list of events which have start date and end date.

li.DateEventItem-date span strong is extreacting the start date. You can check this, if you put that in the description field. But the french name of month can’t be parsed by PHP’s strtotime for the date field.

My sugestion is:
item selector: article.NodeEventAgenda
description: div.DateEventItem

if you need the categories you could use :scope instead, but Creator will shorten the description then.

This and more tweaks here

As the events don’t have any text except for the title and the categories, this is best you might get out of this.

I actually have .NodeEventAgenda-wrapper as description to get the best of it but I really wanted to have the date to stop spending so much time sorting through duplicates when they update the pages (they used to have a RSS feed but removed it recently because “it’s old technology” and “nobody uses RSS anymore anyways” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

Nevermind then. Thanks for taking the time to think about it!

If it is just for sorting out duplicates…
Are you, by chance, already using a paid Fulltext-RSS from fivefilters (subscription or self-hosted)? The free version only delivers the recent 3 articles/events which might to low for this site.

So you could take the output-feed of FeedCreator as input for Fulltext-RSS, which already delivers ALL conent back without any config but withou a date at the moment. On the fullpage there is a ‘Publié le 16/05/2023’ which we could maybe parse as pubDate for the feed. This is not the event start date anyway but maybe that could help you, or?

example feed

@fivefilters is there a date-format definition for FTR site_config? Because the dashes in the date could make things worse. It is DD/MM/YYYY instead od MM/DD/YYYY

Considering I’m a neophyte when it comes to RSS, my reply might not answer your question :sweat_smile:
I’m using FeedCreator to create feeds to be read by Thunderbird (that way I have everything in the same place, and go directly to the website with TB). I’m also using a “Remove dupes” addon that works so-so on RSS results.
Fulltext-RSS looks a tad too complicated for my needs.
I’m fine doing things the way I’ve been, I just hoped there was an easy way to get at first glance the dates for the events.
Thanks for all the work you’ve done for this!