Examples of "single_page_link_in_feed"

Are there site_config example that use “single_page_link_in_feed”? A search of the standard config directory yields only one:
Which works fine on the site it’s intended for but I’m looking at a feed that embeds more links than this and where the “next page” link is not so conveniently tagged bold so wondered if there were more examples to build from…?

Hi Ian, single_page_link_in_feed takes an XPath expression just like single_page_link (which should have more examples in the standard config directory). The only difference is that the single_page_link_in_feed expression is applied to the HTML in the feed item description whereas single_page_link is applied to the HTML retrieved from the item URL.

If the link you’d like Full-Text RSS to use always points to the same domain, e.g. example.org, you could have something like this:

single_page_link_in_feed: //a[contains(@href, 'example.org')]

If you still have trouble, feel free to post up what you find in item description and I’ll see if I can help.

Thanks Keyvan, as an xpath novice all those extra examples really helped set my feet on the path.

Ian B