Errors on

The error is not clearly reproducible, I thought, setting a user_agent would help. But it does not.

@fivefilters could you please check with FTR?

Sometimes at first try it returns a yellow page with an empty box. Sometimes with an error like

PHP version: 8.1.23
FTR 3.9.13

After reloading, I get the feed with fulltext content. On my first tries, sometimes, a random single article only contains cryptic text. After reloading that article was o.k. but maybe a different one had that problem.


I can’t reproduce this any longer. I tried it simultaneously with my productive FTR 3.9.13 (php 7.4.33, APCu 5.1.22) and my testing FTR 3.9.13 (php 8.1.23, no cache) which I use to develop or edit site_configs. Several times reloaded the feed with FTR in short intervalls. No errors, no scrambled text.

Hopefully this was only a temporarily problem at the source site.

However, it would have been nice if we could have found the cause of the parsing error to avoid the error message.

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Hmm, very odd. I wonder if it’s the server returning a compressed response that can’t be uncompressed, or perhaps without the headers incidating that it’s compressed. Will test a bit more to see if I can reproduce.