error updating

I am using : to update the patterns but I am getting this error message every time:

Update site patterns
Updated site patterns are available (version 2015-05-31T15:27:02Z)…

Warning: rmdir(…/site_config/standard_old): Directory not empty in /home/drbyoscp/public_html/rss/admin/update.php on line 255
Downloaded latest copy of the site pattern files to …/site_config/
Unzipped contents to …/site_config/standard_latest

Warning: rename(…/site_config/standard/,…/site_config/standard_old): Directory not empty in /home/drbyoscp/public_html/rss/admin/update.php on line 208
Renamed …/site_config/standard/ to …/site_config/standard_old

Warning: rename(…/site_config/standard_latest/ftr-site-config-master,…/site_config/standard/): Directory not empty in /home/drbyoscp/public_html/rss/admin/update.php on line 210
Renamed …/site_config/standard_latest/ftr-site-config-master to …/site_config/standard/

Warning: rmdir(…/site_config/standard_latest): Directory not empty in /home/drbyoscp/public_html/rss/admin/update.php on line 212
All done! Your old site config files are in …/site_config/standard_old — these will be removed next time you go through the update process

Hi there,

Thanks for the report.

This appears to be an issue with our cleanup code and file naming. There was a file which was mistakenly updated called

It should have been called

The cleanup code expects files to end in .txt and if they don’t, it won’t clean them. In this case, this mistake resulted in the folder not getting cleaned properly, hence the error “Warning: rmdir(…/site_config/standard_old): Directory not empty”

Please look through the following locations and manually delete the file


Once you’ve done that, please try the update again. It should work.

If the problem persists, please let us know.