Error Message: TCPDF ERROR: Could not include font definition file: courier


I just want to start by saying that PDF Newspaper is the highest-quality website-to-PDF converter I’ve found. Not only is it easy to use, but the typography in the PDF is refreshingly clean. It’s a wonderful tool.

I’ve been using it for a while now, and I’ve noticed that it errors out on certain pages such as and <>. The error message is, “TCPDF ERROR: Could not include font definition file: courier”. Is there any chance this could be fixed?




Thanks for the kind words, Dan. And for reporting this issue. Hope to have a fix out by the end of the week. Will update here when we know more - feel free to give us a nudge if you don’t see an update.


Hi Dan,

Sorry about the slow response. Just an update to say this should be fixed now.

For users of our self-hosted version reading this, please follow the following 2 steps:

  1. Download the TCPDF zip file at (currently
  2. Unzip and copy these 4 files from the tcpdf fonts folder into your pdf-newspaper fonts folder: courier.php, courierb.php, courierbi.php, courieri.php

We’ll include these files in the next version.


I am encountering the same problem…

TCPDF ERROR: Unable to create output file: cache/ec00ca2a035c0ba450dc69052fff6b5d.pdf

I have tried the proposed fix and it did not fix the problem. Any ideas?

Josen Ruiseco


Hi Josen, this might be because the cache folder is not writeable - have you made sure the folder can be written to by PHP?


Hi Keyvan,

You are correct. I set the cache folder correctly but it apparently did not take the first time.

It is working now.



Josen Ruiseco