Error DOMTreeBuilder

I updated my Abyss Web Server PHP8 package to the latest version and am now receiving these errors:

  • ** Loading class Masterminds\HTML5 (html5php/HTML5.php)

    Deprecated: DOMImplementation::createDocument(): Passing null to parameter #2 ($qualifiedName) of type string is deprecated in /Applications/Abyss Web Server/htdocs/ftr/libraries/html5php/HTML5/Parser/DOMTreeBuilder.php on line 178

    Deprecated: DOMElement::setAttribute(): Passing null to parameter #2 ($value) of type string is deprecated in /Applications/Abyss Web Server/htdocs/ftr/libraries/html5php/HTML5/Parser/DOMTreeBuilder.php on line 417

Any ideas on what happened?

Are you using the latest version of Full-Text RSS? The last few updates addressed PHP 8 compatibility:

Yes, I’m on 3.9.11. Had been working prior to the new Abyss PHP package (which I had them make for inclusion of tidy).

Can you provide the output of the the compatibility test file included with Full-Text RSS. It should show you the PHP and library versions available for you.

I think the issue here is that you’re using PHP 8.1, which deprecated certain types of calls that are used in the HTML5 parsing library we use. HTML5-PHP appears to have already addressed the issues.

We’ll update the library in the next release, so these should go away. But for now you can update the code in makefulltextfeed.php to ignore deprecation warnings.

Find the line:

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

change it to:

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ (E_NOTICE | E_DEPRECATED));

Full-Text RSS 3.9.11: Compatibility Test

Test Should Be What You Have
PHP 5.6 or higher 8.1.0
XML Enabled Enabled, and sane
PCRE Enabled Enabled
Zlib Enabled Enabled
mbstring Enabled Enabled
iconv Enabled Enabled
Data filtering Enabled Enabled
Tidy Enabled Enabled
cURL Enabled Enabled
Parallel URL fetching Enabled Enabled
allow_url_fopen Enabled Enabled
DOM / XML extension Enabled Enabled

What does this mean?

  1. You have everything you need to run Full-Text RSS 3.9.11 properly! Congratulations!

Bottom Line: Yes, you can!

Your webhost has its act together!

You can download the latest version of Full-Text RSS 3.9.11 from

Note: Passing this test does not guarantee that Full-Text RSS 3.9.11 will run on your webhost — it only ensures that the basic requirements have been addressed. If you experience any problems, please let us know.

Further info

IDN support

When treating an internationalized domain name (IDN) Full-Text RSS will try to make use of PHP’s idn_to_ascii function to convert the domain to ASCII. If this function does not exist, you might have trouble retrieving article content from internationalized domains.

idn_to_ascii is available on this server.

HTTP module

Full-Text RSS can make use of PHP’s HTTP extension or curl_multi to make parallel HTTP requests when processing feeds. If neither are available, it will make sequential requests using file_get_contents.

curl_multi will be used on this server.

Alternative PHP Cache (APC/APCu)

Full-Text RSS can make use of APC’s memory cache to store site config files (when requested for the first time). This is not required, but if available it may improve performance slightly by reducing disk access.

APC is not available on this server.

Automatic site config updates

Full-Text RSS can be configured to update its site config files (which determine how content should be extracted for certain sites) by downloading the latest set from our GitHub repository. This functionaility is not required, and can be done manually. To configure this to occur automatically, you will need zip support enabled in PHP - we make use of the ZipArchive class.

ZipArchive is available on this server.

This fixed it. Thanks!

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