encoding issue


I want to make new RSS by using this site.

I made it like this, but all the text looks crashed?.
이미지 35

how can i fix this?

The problem here is that the text encoding used is not sent over when the page is requested (there’s no encoding information in the HTTP headers and none in the HTML received). In this situation an application will assume UTF-8 (which is incorrect in this case) or try to detect the encoding by analysing the content. When you view this page in your browser, the browser detects the encoding for you.

Usually sites either use UTF-8 or will mark the encoding used so the receiving application can handle it correctly. Feed Creator will look for the encoding and convert the text to UTF-8 based on it. But because it’s missing here, Feed Creator simply treats it as UTF-8, which is why you get the bad text.

You’ll notice that if you do a ‘View Page Source’ in Firefox, the text is displayed the same way: