empty title (first post in feed has no title, what to do)

Hello all,
I have a question about Feed creator. Sometimes when I create feed for some site, only the first post title is empty ([No title]), why? In site pattern document I have checked so:
title: //div[@class=‘ptitle’]//h1,
but no difference, first title is empty.

I need to create feed from this page: http://ecolur.org/en/news/
Here is Feed creator link: http://createfeed.fivefilters.org/index.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fecolur.org%2Fen%2Fnews%2F&in_id_or_class=content&url_contains=%2Fen%2Fnews%2F&action=Preview#results

Is there some solution? if not, how can I check if title is empty? Maybe there are some way in site pattern? (if title is empty I will place there another text.)

Hi Tamara,

In this case your selector isn’t specific enough - there is a link element with an image inside in this case, as well as a text link. If the image link is picked up, there’ll be no text associated with it. You can make it more specific by restricting the search to elements which only contain the text link. For example:


Thanks. ) now it works… I’ve had the same problem with other sites too, now I will try to solve the problems this way… Thank you.