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Just installed Full Text and was wondering about filters. I have a Gizmodo feed, and if the article has a video, it is not displayed in the full feed. How do if get the video to be displayed in the reader?

Here is the article:

The feed is:

Using default pattern with prune: no

body: //div[@class=“post-body” or contains(@class, ‘illustration top’)]
author: (//cite//span[@class=“plus-icon”])[1]
date: //span[@class=“date”]

prune: no

test_url: http://gizmodo.com/5880147/kuhn-rikon-improves-their-spice-grinder-with-grade-school-science

Hi Alex, we’ve just updated the site config for gizmodo.com.

If you’ve enabled the admin area, you can login and update to get the latest site config files. Otherwise you can find the updated site config file here: https://github.com/fivefilters/ftr-site-config/blob/master/gizmodo.com.txt

Thanks for purchasing. Let me know if you have any trouble with the updated site config.


Sorry to interfere, I was watching this post as I wanted to extract data from www.gizmodo.in. But after the update also, I’m not able to do it. Can you please help here.


Varun Mahajn

The above also goes same with www.lifehacker.co.in.

Varun Mahajn

Hi Varun, could you tell me which URLs you’re experiencing trouble with on these sites? The gizmodo.com site config does not apply to gizmodo.in - different domains - but the few articles I tried from the sites you mention worked fine without explicit extraction rules. Also, if you’re running our self-hosted copy of Full-Text RSS, which version?