Duokan and mail configuration

Hi, I’m a user of your application for sending web pages to the kindle.

Is there a way to change the mail address so that Duokan (an alternative operative system for kindle devices) users can receive also the documents?. It’s exactly the same but the mails are like something@iduokan.com

It would be nice if that may be configured.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for this. We’re looking into it at the moment. Should have an option soon.

Update to say that we’ve now added an option to send to iduokan.com. Thanks for the suggestion. Let us know if you have any trouble.

I am user of Duokan. Please, how can I find my own email at @iduokan.com ???
Thank you!

Alexander Ramos R

Hi Alex, I’m afraid I’m not sure. We don’t know much about Duokan or the iduokan service. We assume users are already aware of this service. It might be that it’s no longer supported (the message you replied to was over 4 years old). We simply added an option as at the time we were getting a lot of requests for it.