downloading full (all content) from website

Two questions…

I am interested in exporting content from a single website (on Weebly) to transfer it to WordPress. I need to be able to export 3 feeds with say max 100 items in each - I need to be able to download all the content not just the first 10 items. Does the personal use license self-hosted on my web server would cover this?

And then - probably a really obvious question… I can download this content as an RSS Feed right (a text file?)? I need this full feed to be able to import into a WordPress website.

I hope I’m not way off here :slight_smile: Thanks for any answers or suggestions.


Hi Heidi,

Full-Text RSS is not really suitable for this kind of use. Processing a 100-item feed will likely exhaust the server’s resources.

If you’re trying to move from Weebly to WordPress, you might find this guide useful:

Hope that’s some help.

Thanks so much for answering my question - unfortunately I didn’t get an email notification of the above reply and out of desperation have just purchased FiveFilters ($20 version). I have gone through the whole process of setting it up on Digital Ocean and have run my first query. But even though I changed the max articles to 100 - I can only see the first 10.

But as you say - this is probably entirely inappropriate for your program? It didn’t crash the system but as I said I only got 10 posts in the feed.

Looks like I will have to do the transfer manually - Is it possible to issue me with a refund? I will happily delete the droplet (containing FiveFilters program :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi Keyvan

Hi Heidi, no problem - I’ve just emailed you and refunded the payment. Good luck with the transfer.