Docker-compose instance on Linux system

Whenever I put a url in this new instance, for article extraction the Url is altered from “http” to “Sec” see the example below:


The output is pure gibberish, can anyone tell me why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

@BocciaMan It is absolutely normal, that FTR is changing https: to sec: that is no problem.

But your feed aggregates articles from different sources, with different html formats. Some of these sites are catched very well, while other sites/hosts may need a config file.

So, if you get rubbish you should post the article link, not only the feed link.

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The issue is resolved.

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Glad it’s resolved. To explain why we change ‘https://’ to ‘sec://’, it was done a long time ago when users hosted Full-Text RSS on different types of shared hosting. Some of those hosting providers automatically flagged any URL that contained another URL - identified by the scheme ‘http’ or ‘https’ - as suspect. So when we generate URLs we use ‘sec’ and then internally treat it as ‘https’.

But as @HolgerAusB says, that should not affect the result you see.