date and author not taken on multi-page articles

Hi @fivefilters it is not a real multi-page article in my case, but I wanted to report this issue.

In I set:
next_page_link: //a[substring(@href, string-length(@href) - string-length('/transparenz') + 1) = '/transparenz']

This is not a second part of the article, but the /transparent links contains additional informations about the article. Very helpful for wallabag.

But in this case, FTR does not find and set the date and author field from the first page. I think it tries to get it fom the last page?

Fortunately wallabag finds date and author.

When removing the next_page_link in config, FTR finds date and author

Example links:

Warning: article of 1st test_url in config does not contain a <time> element, so it will fail to get the date anyway