Custom Title Support not showing on output file anymore?

Hello FiveFilters, I want to ask a question about my subject. I just realize that few times ago, when I changed the title of article after using Push to Kindle Chrome app, my custom title not showing anymore on my EPUB output file. Few weeks ago, my output file were using my custom title. I remembered that.

I really like reading web novel, and having custom title really helps me archiving my updated webnovel collection. Thank you.

Hi Paul, I can’t seem to reproduce this. Can you tell me the steps you follow where the new title isn’t being added to the EPUB?

  1. I visited my usual webnovel site
  2. I clicked on Push to Kindle Chrome app
  3. I added my custom title to my article
  4. I downloaded my article as EPUB
  5. Unfortunately, my generated file still using its original title, not my custom title anymore

Just in case, I got same problem when using Chrome browser, so I don’t think it’s my Opera’s fault.

Thanks for your response!


Hi Paul, thank you for the update, and the helpful screenshots.

I think I minsunderstood your original report as the custom title not appearing in the actual EPUB. That’s what we tested for and it does appear when you open the EPUB, but for some reason it’s not appearing as the file name. I’m going to look into this and see if we can fix it. I’ll update again soon.

Hi Paul, this should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting it.

Wow, thank you very much! It has been fixed now!