Custom site


I have a site with rss by categories, for example:

I have made in custom/ directory the file,

Now, i want different rules for each of the rss category,
like i do not want image from xbox but for ps4 i do

I tried to make in custom/ files like and and then in the url adding & but no luck,

is it possible to specify which txt file to use for site patterns?


Hi Nris,

Good question. At the moment, you cannot tell Full-Text RSS to use a specific site config file to be used. It will select based on the hostname. The parameter you reference is intended to be used to submit the actual contents of a site config file - or one you generate yourself.

But to do what you’re trying to do, you can add all the rules in the one config file. Full-Text RSS will pick out the first one it matches. So for selecting the body, here’s an example:


body: //article


body: //div[@id=‘story’]

Here Full-Text RSS will first try to find an element. If it can’t, it’ll go on to look for a div element with id ‘story’. You can add as many of these as you like.

To strip images on one but not the other, you’ll have to provide some kind of identifying parent element which will only appear in one category. For example:

strip xbox category images

strip: //div[contains(@class, ‘xbox’)]//img

Here we’re assuming there’s a div element with class attribute value xbox. Images found within this element will be stripped.

I hope that gives you an idea.