custom rss for websites


although i tried to post in another thread for the same topic, but was NOT able to post in it as “the maximum number of replies was received” message was shown in that post.

My question is very small ->

(1) Using fivefilters - i’m not able to receive the (a) “images” which are present ON-TOP of an article (b) the “User Comments” which are present in the End of the article,
Would i be able to receive them in my feeds if i go for “Custom built RSS”

(2) I want to get the custom-built rss for 10 newspaper websites ->
Each websites has 5-6 DIFFERENT SECTIONS for RSS for which i’ve to add different RSS feeds to my feedly account - Like - National, International, Sports, Business etc

Would i be charged for 10 websites or 10 x 5 = 50 websites ?

Hi there,

Regarding your first question. I’m not sure what ‘custom built rss’ refers to. If it’s the custom site config files, you can usually preserve the top images with custom rules. Comments might be preservable too in a similar way, but many comments today rely on Javascript to load. In such cases comments can not be preserved because Full-Text RSS does not understand Javascript. Similarly, if the top image is loaded by JS, you can’t preserve it either.

Regarding your second point, again I’m guessing this is referring to custom site config files - extraction rules we create for sites to improve results. Here usually the answer is 10, because usually a site uses the same template (HTML structure) on its article pages, even in different categories. But if we find the site has different templates for each category, we’d treat each category as a a separate site (because it creates more work for us).

Hope that answers your questions.