custom pattern not working for specific feed

I have setup the hosted version on my server. I try to make pattern for the feeds of this site:
Whatever pattern I try does not take and the result I get seem to be auto extracted.
Can you please check if there is a problem with the feeds or something wrong on my side?

Hi George, can you reply or email us with the site config file you’ve created. We can then take a look and find out why it’s not working.

I try to get the article image included in the full feed with no success.
feed url:
pattern file:
first pattern try:
body: //div[@id=‘ctl12__ctl0_Article’]
autodetect_on_failure: no

gives full article without image

second pattern try:
body: //div[@class=‘article_pure_text’]
gives text without top image as expected

trying to explicitly reference the top image:
body: //div[@id=‘ctl12__ctl0_Article’]//img


George, first, your site config file must be named (without the leading .) - the leading dot is only used to match subdomains which do not start with ‘www’. A site config called will match both and but not So in your case if you only have it will not match nor

Second, you have the ID attribute value wrong. It begins with an underscore: _ctl12__ctl0_Article.

Finally, to tell Full-Text RSS to preserve everything you should use prune: no.

So this is what your site config be:

file: site_config/custom/

body: //div[@id=’_ctl12__ctl0_Article’]
prune: no
autodetect_on_failure: no

Hope that helps.