Creating feed from Facebook Page

Is it possible to use feed creator to create an RSS/XML feed from a Facebook page? If so, do you by chance have instructions on how to best accomplish this?

Hi Alex,

It’s possible to create a feed from a public Facebook page using Feed Creator. We actually have Facebook listed as one of a few examples on the Feed Creator page you can try:,.text_exposed_hide&action=Preview#results

You can see which parameters we use to achieve this on the page above if you scroll to the ‘submitted parameters’ section. Note that you have to add ‘?_fb_noscript=1’ to the end of the FB URL for this to work.

Also, the feed could end up breaking if Facebook redesigns or changes the HTML in a way that affects the selectors we rely on.

Hey Keyvan Minoukadeh

I have tried few below, but result is :frowning:

Narendra Modi
Tech2 | Mumbai

I am not a techguy, Can you help me?


Hi Vivek,

For FB feeds, you need to add the request parameter I mentioned in the earlier reply. Here’s what the first one of your URLs will look like then in Feed Creator:

Thanks a lot Keyvan!

As i am not a tech guy, need few modifications, if you can help please.

this feed is not retrieving full content (text, media, links, etc) of post. even “RSS with full text” creates odd output.

Published date of actual facebook post and feed are different too.

Please help.


Hi Vivek, unfortunately preserving all the FB content associated with each item is not so easy due to the way it’s presented. The text output you see now is the best we could achieve when we last worked on this. Others might be able to produce better results by changing the parameter values. If anyone does, please share.

As for dates, we do not extract them so they will not match the original. If we revisit Facebook feed creation, we might see if we can improve on the results, but nothing I can promise at the moment I’m afraid.


Facebook has recently increased its security checks (captchas) for users that are not logged in. The examples given at the FeedCreator Tool don’t work correctly any more. Any solutions in sight?




any news on this ?


Any workable solution now?

Hey guys, there is a simple trick: Just apend /posts to the fb URL!
But there is one problem left: The title is empty and therefor the RSS feed doesn’t deliver the post URL.

Is it possible to take the TimeStampContent for the rss entry title?