Creating a new feed from webpage

I have a little scraping issue

Ive made a feed from this page:

and made this:

I then made a RSS feed from it and got this:

However, it doesnt bring back the full content from this page:

Can you help?


Hello? Is there a reason I havent had a reply on this?

Hi there, your third link doesn’t work for us here (says invalid key). Is that the problem you’re experiencing or that you’re getting results but not what you want? If so, what do you expect to be extracted from the page. If it’s something we can fix our end, we’d be happy to look into it.

Well, its kind of working. I am getting this:

There are tabs on the page. I just want the Description Tab and not all the table of contents and other tab info.

Can that be done?

For help,this is an example page.

Hi there, we’ve added an extraction rule to only consider the first tab’s contents as the result:

It will take a few hours for the changes to propagate to all servers, but after that when you generate feeds from the site, only the first tab’s contents should be produced.

Thank you, its working now, in terms of content capture. However, when I validate the RSS using an RSS validator, i get an error, saying that ‘a valid key must be supplied’. I purchased a subscription for a year in Feb 2019. What is the problem?

This appears to be a problem with the way Feed Validator handles encoded URL parameters. If you enter the URL in first and then give Feed Validator the shortened version, you should see it validates.