Create Feed from webpage


I wanted to create a rss feed from the following links:

  1. posts from
  2. posts from
  3. trailers from

I tried to generate a rss feed from but i always get no output.
I’ll appreciate if you could look into this!

Hi there,

You don’t mention what you’ve tried, so I don’t know how I can help. If you haven’t already, I suggest you read through our blog post which explains how this tool works:

I also noticed that the first URL in your list already offers a feed. Sometimes sites don’t link to their feeds, but you’ll see them if you view the HTML source and search for ‘RSS’ or ‘application/rss+xml’. In this case, you’ll see an element in the HTML head:

Hi there,

I would like to create an rss feed for the page

As you can see it is the first page out of 10. In the source code they following pages are refered to in the tag

The issue is that the number of pages can change from one day to another depending on the results so maybe today there are 10 pages and tomorrow there are 12.

I would like to know if your tool is able of listing ALL the items from all pages and in that case how can I do it.

Thank you in advance


Hi Begoña,

Thanks for the question. No, our feed creator tool only works on a single page, identified by the input URL. RSS feeds do not usually contain everything a site has published, but the most recent items. So the intention behind the tool is to allow people to find a page which lists the most recent items they’re interested in and use the parameters to generate a feed for those items, one which will update when the page updates.