Could your app divide image when push a long image?

yes,it’s me again.:P
I offen read long weibo which means a long twitter in china.It’s used to show content contains more than 140 words.So when the content contains many words as thousands of words,it will be showed as a very long image,like 440X12000pix.
When your app push a image to my kindle,it looks good in preview but not so fit in kindle paperwhite.because kindle force one image display in one screen no matter how i zoom it.
So i wanna know if your app offer a option to divide the image to several parts.It may fit to read when the app divide image like 440X12000pix to 20 parts .
Is this possible?

Hi again. This is not possible with our service at the moment. We do plan to improve image support, but automatically splitting large images is not something on our list. If it turns out to be a big problem, we may consider it.

You may read this page:

It showed a way to convert a long image to pdf,and seens good in kindle.


Thanks, will look into that.