ContentExtractor.php error on line 1007


I have updated my FTRSS install to 3.9.9 but some feeds return this error :

Array to string conversion in /var/www/html/full-text-rss/libraries/content-extractor/ContentExtractor.php on line 1007

Here infos about my install :

: Screenshot_2021-03-02 Full-Text RSS 3 9 9 Server Compatibility Test http 192 168 0 120 32778

What can I do to find what’s the problem is ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi squady,

Thanks for reporting this. We’ve had a few other reports of it and we’re preparing a new release to address it.

This warning occurs on PHP 8 servers when you process articles which contain JSON-LD elements with multiple values in the @type property. In our tests we hadn’t come across any such articles (all of them listed a single value, e.g. ‘NewsArticle’ or ‘BlogPosting’).

The warning only occurs on PHP 8 because type conversion from array to string generated a notice in PHP versions prior to version 8 but produces a warning in PHP 8. Full-Text RSS ignores notices but not warnings.

The updated version deals better with this and shouldn’t trigger a warning or notice any more.

We’ll email once it’s out - planned for a little later today.

Great, thanks for the quick response.
So I’m waiting for the new version :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Hi squady, please try the updated version (3.9.10). Available via Login –

That was fast !
Problem solved here, no more error.
Thank you !

Great to hear. Please note we have a new update which fixes another PHP 8 issue reported here. We recommend upgrading to 3.9.11 for anyone on PHP 8.