Chinese title can't show normally

As subject

Stanley, can you give us a URL to check?

after pushing to kindle , Chinese title can’t show normally in my kindle paperwhitle jp


actually, I mean that show Chinese filename on my kindle.


Ah ok, so you’re saying the file sent to your Kindle doesn’t contain the title as the filename if the title is Chinese. That’s a known limitation at the moment - the valid characters we accept for file names are quite restricted (I think it’s basically a-z, 0-9 and a few other charecters). If the title does not contains these characters, we give the document a generic filename. This shouldn’t affect the document’s actual title or contents, however. And most users of Push to Kindle will never encounter the actual file name on the Kindle to wonder about its naming. The file name does get mentioned in the Amazon delivery confirmation email, however, so it is something we’re going to look into improving.

Thanks your answer.

I also use chrorme plug-in in my pc about push to kindle.
like ( Chinese filename is ok.
But, the anther Push to kindle ( isn’t ok.

I often use my ipad, but that can’t use chrome’s plug-ing. I want to use your website to push to kindle in my ipad.



Thanks Stanley, we’ll look into this soon.