Char encoding problem

We have a problem with char encoding (self hosted).

For exemple I used the URL of that is used as an example in your site_config directory:

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Denis, thanks for the report. We’re looking into this and should have a fix later today. Will post an update here later.

The fix for this is to open makefulltextfeed.php and find and replace the line

$html_head = substr($html, 0, 2000);


$html_head = substr($html, 0, 22000);

With this change we’ll be searching more of the HTML document for character encoding information. This is usually very near the top but in this case has been changed and the information we’re after has been pushed further down in the document. We’ll be including this change in the next update.

Thanks for the fix and the update Keyvan, it works fine now


Work great thanks.

A config file settings in the next version ?


Good to hear. :slight_smile:

We don’t want to create too many options for things that should just work - like this - so we’ll probably just include this change in the next release.