change field name in edit-pattern.php

@fivefilters: Thank you for giving me write access to site_config repo. I will do my very best to improve the configs.

Now a little (not really a) bug in FTR 3.9.13 used with Firefox for Windows 11:

Every time when trying to edit a site config in the “edit pattern” section when typing the domain for ‘search or add’, Firefox suggesting all the full URLs (article- and feed-URLs) I already typed to the main page to get full text.

I think that is because both input fields has a name="url" in there parameters. Could we maybe change that in one of the fields? As it is not an URL, what we hat to type in the field on the edit page, there could be a change to name="domain" or name="host".

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Thanks for the suggestion, @HolgerAusB. I’ve added this as a future improvement task.