cannot push article from

Thanks for the report. When an article contains a lot of images, Push to Kindle can sometimes struggle to process them all. This is something we’re working on improving. If the images aren’t important, you can click ‘Edit’ and switch off ‘Include images’. The article will then go through.

It seems to be a regression because I used to be able to push such article from same website few weeks/months ago.

Hmmm, we haven’t made any significant changes, and some articles on this site do go through. It’s not a hard limit on our end, but rather a timeout issue related to time taken to process the images. So even things like changes in server response times could affect the processing from one day to another on a post with a lot of images.

Having said that, we are planning to improve image handling which should improve processing of pages like this.

Quick note to say we’ve now made changes to improve image handling. This article (and similar articles with many images) should go through now.

Thanks for reporting this, and do let us know if you come across any other issues.

Thanks for notifying me of the fix

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