Cannot Create Feed for

I’ve been trying to create a feed for my favourite pages on such as the following:
Although the page appears to be simple, I have failed to create a working RSS so far. I have tried selecting all the element ids and URL segments but it doesn’t work. Please help.

I’m afraid I can’t access the site at the moment, so it might be that our servers cannot reach it either.

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Is there anything I can do?

If you have access to a server that can reach the site, you can try running Feed Creator on that server. A quick way to test if your server can reach the site is to create a PHP file, e.g. test-access.php with the following lines:

header('Content-Type: text/plain');
echo file_get_contents('');

You can then access this file from your server, e.g. and if it outputs the HTML source of the page you want to process, then your server can reach the site, and you should be able to use Feed Creator installed on that server. If you do this, however, be aware that we’re unable to provide any support here.