Can Feed Creator de-duplicate items of merged feeds?

I am self-hosting just FultextRSS at the moment. Today I realized, that FeedCreator is able to merge multiple feeds into one. I have done this with a different product lastly but had timing problems with that.

In my opinion/scenario merging feeds makes only sense when filtering out duplicate articles. FC seems not to be able to do that, or?

e.g. I have ONE newssite with subfeeds for ‘Vienna’ and ‘Austria’. As Vienna is the capital of Austria many articles are found in both feeds. So FC should de-duplicate articles with the same item-URL.


For testing you might want to increase the maximum feed items and maybe set some keep-filter buzzwords, e.g. ‘Wien’.

I got the following result (screenshot):


Hi there, that’s a good point, we’ll try to fix this in the next update.

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