Caching/Update Intervals


I’m using the self-hosted version and had a couple quick questions. First, what is the purpose of caching? Second, is there any way to push feed updates as they occur or at least specify/shorten the update interval so that it occurs more often?


Hi Al, caching isn’t really necessary when you’re hosting Full-Text RSS for yourself, and is off by default. But if you’re offering the service for others, as we do, it’s useful as you may end up with the same popular feeds/sites being requested by multiple users in a very short space of time. So caching ensures these requests do not result in our service requesting the same content over and over again.

There is no way yet to to push feed updates as they occur, but this is something we’re working on. One way to do it is with PubSubHubbub, that’s something we’d like to implement.

There is no update interval in Full-Text RSS as we simply act as a proxy. If you’re using Full-Text RSS with your news reader, the news reader will have an update interval. If you disable caching, this will determine how often Full-Text RSS will run too.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi Keyvan,

Sorry to barge in on this thread. Would your reply mean that if i set the internal in my wordpress plugin to retrieve the rss every 10mins, so each call to full-text rss will each time update the feed and send it forward ?

Also if i buy the self hosted version, does it come with full source ? or is it encrypted ?


Anand Gupta

Hi Anand, exactly, yes. We made a sequence diagram to show how it looks:

As for the source code, you get the full thing - it’s not encrypted.