Both Gizmodo and Lifehacker extractions are failing

As you know both are sister sites and use identical HTML codes. This is the site pattern defined for Gizmodo by FTR.

title: //head/title
author: //meta[@name="author"]/@content
body: //div[contains(@class, 'post-content')]
strip: //div[contains(@class, 'content-summary')]

strip: //aside


But it fails to extract full content from the page. It fails in the test URL mentioned as well. Could you please update the site pattern for both Gizmodo and Lifehacker?

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll take a look. It might be server-retrieval issues. We’ll update here when we know more.

Can you please try updating your site config files and see if you have any luck. We’ve updated both and

Thank you. I deleted the custom patterns I created and updated standard patterns from the server. Both working fine now.

BTW aren’t standard patterns included for and (starting with dot for subdomains)?

Good to hear!

We used to have and to match subdomains like These now all appear to redirect to the main / sites, so we removed those site config files as they don’t appear to be needed any more.

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