Hi - just trying to make sure I understand before ordering.

I have a couple of recipe wordpress websites.
I have an autoblogging plugin that will post articles from feeds on a preset schedule (once a day for example)

I tested converting an rss feed and used the free full-text rss output URL and it worked great to post 3 articles

will that same URL post another 3 articles when my autoblogging plugin makes a request?

meaning if we use the free Basic version of Full Text RSS (and/or the hosted Premium version) to generate a feed URL, is that a permanent URL that will continue to convert feeds over time?


Hi Todd, yes, the feeds generated by Full-Text RSS are intended to be used instead of the original RSS feeds, so the URLs we produce will continue to reflect the content at the original feed over time (the original feed URL is embedded in the Full-Text RSS URLs we produce, and that’s what we refer to in subsequent requests).

very cool, thanks for the prompt reply