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By chance, do you know how to set up an RSS feed for an author at The New Yorker?

I have been trying to create a feed for Jia Tolentino’s page, but haven’t had any luck. The New Yorker’s Author pages have a really odd structure (see image below or link above).

The URL is obviously: But I haven’t figure out what to put in the second field of the Feed Creator (HTML elements whose id or class attribute contains).

If you’ve created one that works for another author - or know how to set one up for this author - could you share? I’m not as concerned about whether the images work.

Thanks for any help you can lend!

Hi there,

You can do something like this:

Submitted parameters (
    [url] =>
    [in_id_or_class] => River__riverItemContent___2hXMG
    [strip] => .Rubric__rubric___3hrQE,.River__byline___3AbqA

Using strip to remove elements that shouldn’t be matched.

Alternatively, you can create something a little more robust, without those code suffixes (e.g. ’ 3AbqA’) which might be auto-generated and could change:

Submitted parameters (
    [url] =>
    [item] => li[class*="River__riverItem"]
    [strip] => a[class*="Rubric__rubric"]

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@fivefilters Thanks a ton for the detailed response! This was extremely helpful, and your explanation has helped me clean up a few other RSS feeds that I was struggling with.

Can’t thank you enough!! :grinning:

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No problem! Glad it helped.

Just so you know, I moved this thread to a separate topic in the Feed Creator category as it’s more relevant here. :slight_smile: