Associated Press webpage has changed

Good morning,

I’ve been relying on the formula posted by the official FiveFilters Reddit account for RSS access to the Associated Press:

This worked well for months, but apparently stopped working on June 8. I can’t seem to change it in such a way that brings it back. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you very much.

Hi there, it does appear that they’ve changed the site design. Typically this would mean creating a new feed with Feed Creator to match the new site design. I just tried to do that and it does work, but access from some of our servers is blocked. In our experience this is usually a sign that the site in question is blocking access originating from large web hosts, rather than an attempt to block our services specifically.

The following parameters, for example, generates a feed preview when I run Feed Creator locally, but not from our server: Feed Creator (RSS Generator) ·

Two options for you:

  1. You can use our paid Feed Control service which offers proxy server use for feeds. We’ve written a blog post with steps showing you how to add and enable proxy use on a feed here: Using proxy servers for content retrieval - (see the section Enabling proxy use in Feed Control). If you do want to do that, you can add the following feed URL in step 4:[class*%3DComponent-mainStory]%2C+.RelatedStory&item_date=span[data-key%3Dtimestamp]+%40data-source&item_image=img&max=5&order=document&guid=url

    (If you access this feed directly, it won’t load anything, but after enabling proxy use in Feed Control, it will return content.)

  2. You can buy and self-host Feed Creator and load in this feed URL in your copy using the ‘Load Parameters’ button:[class*%3DComponent-mainStory]%2C+.RelatedStory&item_date=span[data-key%3Dtimestamp]+%40data-source&item_image=img&max=5&order=document&guid=url

Hope that’s some help.

Thank you very much - I really appreciate it!