Anyone has success in removing Objects?

I’m trying to take out a flash object from the feed. It starts with the following tag and lies within the RSS body. RSS Body ID is ContentContainer:

object type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” id=“XXXXX” name=“XXXXX” data=“” width=“300” height=“360”

I’ve tried adding this which didn’t work:
strip://div[contains(@id, “ContentContainer”)]/*[contains(@type,“application/x-shockwave-flash”)]

Any other ideas?

P/S: I think we should at least have a “pre” or “code” tag in this help section. Everytime I paste a code, it doesn’t allow it.

Hi Mubashar, something to keep in mind is that the DOM tree produced by Full-Text RSS is not always the same as that produced by your browser. We’re going to try and make it easier to view what Full-Text RSS sees in future versions. For the time being, if the element you’re trying to remove appears in the resulting feed, view the source of the HTML produced by Full-Text RSS to see if the elements and attributes you’re referring to in your XPath actually appear. Try something simpler, like:

strip: //object