admin login not working

I just purchased the bundle version (self hosted). My first question and concern regarding “full_rss_text”: why can’t I get properly the admin login page even after updating both config and custom_config (as per readme text)? No matter what, I always get this text: "This page requires admin privileges but Full-Text RSS has not been configured with admin credentials.

If you are the administrator, please edit your custom_config.php file and enter the credentials in the appropriate section. When you’ve done that, this page will prompt you for your admin credentials".

Second question: how do I change the index page (I want to get rid of all those informations related to the application)?


Hi Alex,

Could you send us a copy of your custom_config.php file?

As for customising the index page, the way we suggest you do it is to copy index.php as custom_index.php and edit custom_index.php. It will automatically load if it exists.